The Idea

The only thing that really matters in business is the idea – Harvey Firestone.

Fortunately for me, my father was already in the export business with coffee as one of his primary commodities. His encouragement planted an idea within me. I acquired my very first coffee machine from India and started sample roasting. With expert advice, I was able to determine and explore the remarkable quality of coffee on the island. (Mr Ijaz – Founder).

What made us call it “The Beans”

We experimented coffee from different places of the country. Sequentially, the introduction of the bean drove us to a very special brew and we chose to call our firm “The Beans”.

What makes us special

Roasted with the finest of techniques, The Beans coffee factory presents authentic Italian style Espresso and drip coffee, flawlessly prepared to entangle your taste buds during your coffee break. We use high quality beans by deciding from the best and the most credible sources in Sri Lanka. We tend to understand the farm and the reliability of techniques used to process the beans before separation.

Our way of roasting

Our mission is to render freshly roasted coffee. Therefore, we roast in demand. Generally, we start processing only when we receive a purchase order. We request our customers for a week to assure they receive fresh coffee with distinct quality.

We act as the one-stop solution

Situated in the heart of Colombo, we are extraordinarily distinct from the mainstream coffee factories in Sri Lanka. The Beans coffee factory is the one stop solution provider for all your coffee needs. We provide an excellent after sales service for our very fine coffee machines, manufactured to suit and satisfy your demands. The Beans coffee factory also administers an active product development program to ensure the utilization of latest technology for all coffee machines.

Our ultimate objective

Down the line, we intend to become South Asia’s largest coffee producer. Our plan is to tap the export market in the near future. However, we are currently operating with farmers to source green beans to instigate a boost in quality. We believe, the green beans can stimulate an increase in production as well.