Best coffee machine 2017

This is our pick of the best manual espresso, filter, Nespresso and bean-to-cup coffee machines you can buy

Coffee has been making mornings more palatable since the 16th century, and in the intervening 500 years the humble coffee bean has spawned a huge range of different coffee-based drinks. But whether you’re a fan of cappuccino or macchiato, espresso or flat white, there’s a coffee machine out there that will make you the coffee you want every time – and here you’ll find nothing but the best coffee machines Expert Reviews has ever tested.


The first question you need to ask yourself is this: do you want a manual espresso machine for coffee-shop style creations, or do you want a filter machine that provides a hot coffee that’s always on the go? Here you’ll find a variety of the best coffee machines available to buy in the UK right now. All have been split into categories, to suit all needs and all budgets. Want more out of your coffee? Check out my best coffee accessories.

If you’re not quite sure what you’re after, read this full and in-depth coffee machine buying guide. It will take you through everything  you need to know about buying the perfect coffee machine to suit your needs.

How to choose the best coffee machine for you

  • For full flexibility to create the types of drink you like, the best option is a manual espresso machine, which is similar to the ones used in coffee shops.
  • If that all sounds like a bit too much work, but you still like the idea of using coffee beans, then a bean-to-cup machine is the right choice, as it grinds and pours coffee automatically.
  • Looking for proper coffee but still want convenience? Opt for a capsule machine: they cost more per coffee, but are really easy to use and create virtually no mess.
  • Finally, if you just want plain and simple coffee to fill a mug, a filter coffee machine will do the job for you.


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